Cat Grooming?? I didn’t know cats needed grooming

This has been a common question and statement made to me since making the decision to take over this business and “the cat mobile” as I affectionately call it, from Cheryl.  So here are my answers, yes I am grooming cats and no it does not mean I am abandoning my vet tech training.  In fact I am using my degree and my 20 years of veterinary experience quite a bit in this new venture.  After talking with Cheryl, and observing her for several months,, I realized this is a new way for me to help animals and in many ways one of the best ways for me to help cats and their owners.  Cat’s stress is a huge topic in veterinary medicine and is one of the reasons that some cats don’t see the vet or groomers often.  To be able to take over a big truck that caters to cats and their needs is pretty exciting.  I know I don’t like putting my kitty in a carrier and listening to her cry as I drive somewhere, so I knew being able to offer cat owners a way to groom their cats without the stress of driving was something very special.  That leads me to the “I didn’t know cats needed grooming” or “don’t cats just groom themselves” statement.   To be honest, I was kind of under the same impression for a long time.  I had seen cats with lion cuts and thought it was just for appearance reasons or because it was cute.  I did not have a full grasp of what the benefits were or how many cats truly NEED grooming to be happy and healthy.   Do I think EVERY cat needs to be groomed every 6 weeks?  No, but some do in order to keep their skin healthy and to prevent painful mats from forming.   I also think MOST cats can help cats could benefit from a groom and it would amaze owners to see how much excess hair gets removed and how happy a clean kitty it.  Some cats need to be groomed more often because they have excessively greasy coats which contributes to mats forming, others are heavier and cannot properly clean themselves or have a very long coat that just continually gets tangled or matted and suffer pain because of those mats.  Then there are kitties that live in a family with owners who suffer from allergies or who have developed allergies since adopting their cats and getting them groomed reduces some of the allergens and makes it possible for them to stay in their homes.  My focus always is the pets, that has been engrained in me since I started working with animals.  I see that mobile grooming offers many benefits for cats and their owners, so that is what I am doing right now and I am enjoying the ride as I get to know all of you.