The Less Stress Approach To Cat Grooming


Chrissy Schultz

Welcome to the hub of Happy Cat Grooming’s service area! This state-of-the-art mobile grooming salon is entirely self-contained and equipped with everything necessary for your pet’s comfort. Your kitty will receive efficient one-on-one attention without the distractions of other animals in the environment to cause undue stress to her, and no car rides to a grooming shop!

Just yards from your front door, kitty will have her nails clipped, then will be treated to a warm hydromassage bath with specific shampoos that will help remove dander and loose hair while cleansing right down to the skin, removing any grease or oils that may have built up in her coat.

She will then move on to the dryer specifically built for cats & other small animals. This dryer allows kitty to have freedom of movement while still being safely enclosed and dried by hand all at the same time. Once she is all dried & fluffed up she will move on to the table for her finishing work whether it be a full brush out or a haircut.